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          JM-318 fully automatic CCM binding machine

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          1, power supply: AC220V ± 10%, 50Hz, 15KW
          2, the working pressure: 0.5 ~ 0.7Mpa (dry gas source)
          3, the gas consumption: 300L / Min
          4, equipment size: 3200 (L) × 1165 (W) × 1800 (H) mm
          5, equipment weight: 3500KG
          6, program control: PLC controller + touch screen
          7, work: 1ACF +1 preload +3 the pressure
                    Constant temperature heating method
          8, the corresponding size: 7 inch -15.6 inch
          9, equipment accuracy: X: ± 10um Y: ± 12um
          10, equipment T / T: 8 S
          JM-318C CCM automatic binding machine is mainly used in FPC TO CMOS ACF attachment, FPC automatic absorption of the camera position and automatic pre-positioning and automatic pressure as one of the automatic binding equipment. The machine is equipped with high-precision image and optical system and precision automatic alignment table; automatic CMOS, FPC automatic feeding, ACF automatic detection system, automatically receive the pressure CMOS to ensure product accuracy and improve production efficiency.
          1, PLC control, stable and reliable, can be set to store 100 working procedures.
          2, the heating method using constant temperature and the pressure pulse heating method, with automatic calibration and precise temperature control.
          3, the transmission mechanism, on the platform using servo control, high positioning accuracy.
          4, with sound and light alarm, vacuum pressure detection alarm.
          5, the parameters from the touch screen input, save, easy debugging.
          6, the incoming material CMOS material loading machine automatic feeding and cleaning, FPC by the feeder on the automatic feeding, CMOS receiver automatic collection of the pressure has been a good CMOS.
          7, manual mode can operate all the parts alone, to facilitate the adjustment of the machine.
          8, save the alarm records, at any time.